Intelligent Data Storage Solutions

Open Source or proprietary.

Getting the most of Software Defined Storage.

Specially for your company, your use case, your specific requirements.

Consultation, implementation, training and support.



We work with the best vendors. There is no solution good for everything that’s why we have few partners that are the best in certain aspects.

High performance block storage? DataCore currently holds the world record in storage performance by achieving 5,1 mln IOPS. Accelerate your current disk arrays, make them highly available, speed up storage for your virtualization, databases or ERP workloads. Run your systems hyperconverged or in a classic mode, DataCore lets you mix and match while giving you a single management view. Get all your Storage into one Interface with DataCore.

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Polish technology gaining international recognition. No better solution to store huge amounts of data. Parallel, distributed, geo redundant file system on Open Source license. Hardware agnostic – you can use commodity hardware or even your old infrastructure. Exit vendor lock in, reduce your costs grow or shrink your cluster by a single node or drive.

Do you need storage for media? Post Production? Big Data? Science? Archive? LizardFS is definitely the option worth to consider.

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